We’ve designed a product that combines the best of what’s currently on the market. Different from most reusable grocery bags, the GotYourBackSac has “back-pack” straps instead of two long shoulder straps, making it a more “hands-free”, easier on your body, and allowing more freedom of movement. Unlike the average backpacks, however, it’s remarkably lightweight, easily machine washable, and easily slips into your purse or suitcase for portability. More of the features and benefits of this great little bag are below: 

  • Because you wear the GYBS on your back, the bag evenly distributes the weight of your groceries, sports equipment, books, laundry, etc. so that the strongest muscles in your body – the back and the abdominal area – do all the hard work.

  • Our back sacs keep your hands free, and collapses inside a small, attached pouch when not in use.

  • Chiropractor approved

  • Reuseable

  • Eco-friendly

  • The versatile, sturdy mesh or rip-stop nylon materials eliminate the need for disposable plastic bags – plus they’re machine washable and longer lasting than most reusable shopping bags. More than a million plastic bags are produced per minute, and 99 percent end up in landfills.