My parents gave me a GotYourBackSac and I take it on dive trips. It holds everything I need…. I just put one on my back and then my hands are free to carry the equipment. It has made my outings much more organized and easier to manage.
— Nikki
Bag the plastic bags! Seeing how many single-use plastic bags are produced annually, how few get recycled and how long they take to decompose made me think about what I could do to make a difference every day. Since getting my GotYour BackSac my plastic bag use has all but dwindled. I keep it with me every day and have fallen in love with it. Everyone should have one of these back sacs.
— AH
We just got engaged and are planning a wedding in the Caribbean. We love the GotYourBackSac so much we plan to give one to all our guests! The GotYourBackSac will be filled with a beach towel, sunscreen and water. What a great way for our guests to remember our wedding.
— Tish and Jason
I love my GotYourBackSac…I use it for groceries, moving multiple items around in my house, for my jaunts to the dry cleaners and have been known to use it to transport dirty laundry from my hamper to the laundry room. I have a very hip twenty something niece who lives in New York City. She uses it for her groceries and laundry……she loves it and so do I!
— Lynne
I’ve used this back pack for a few years for hiking, traveling, and shopping. It is very ergonomically designed allowing me to wear for extended periods without back strain.
— John F.
My husband and I went to Maui with 2 other couples. We rented a van and travelled around the island everyday……to the beach, to see a volcano, to visit a lavender field…..and we ALL had our GotYourBackSacs with us.

This Sac enabled us to hold everything we needed for the day and still keep our hands free to take pictures or use walking sticks. We will always travel with a GotYourBackSac. It is the best!
— Jill and Joe
Whoever thought of the GotYourBackSac was really smart. I throw it in my briefcase every morning, shop on my way home for dinner and just put it all on my back. Couldn’t be simpler. Last week I even used it in the morning to drop off my cleaning. Good thinking!
— B. Dorfman