Our Vision

At GotYourBackSac, we give people a healthier and safer way to carry their personal items. Our goal is to eliminate the need for disposable plastic bags that clog landfills and takes thousands of years to disintegrate.

Our Story

We are an inspired, committed company whose intention is to create durable, attractive, comfortable — and most of all REUSABLE — bags. We offer not only an alternative to using plastic bags from grocery stores, shopping malls, etc., but to traditional reusable bags on the market that often do not hold up to heavy use over extended periods of time. We hope you love what you see! Shop, share, but most of all CARE. Every effort helps!

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Saundra Duncan, Designer & Owner

Saundra Duncan has been designing handbags and soft side luggage since 1987. Saundra was training for a 60 mile Susan B. Coleman Breast Cancer walk when she came up with the idea of GotYourBackSac. While training, Saundra realized what she and her fellow walkers needed was a hands-free sack that could carry all the items the walkers required such as money, cell phone, bandages, ointments, snacks and water. This is how the GotYourBackSac was born. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Sandy Blackwell, Marketing, Production & Sales

Sandy Blackwell is our marketing , sales & production arm. With over thirty-five years experience in the field of advertising and marketing Sandy knows what it takes to market a product and traffic production. Sandy's strong background in production and account service gives her the ability to envision, predict and execute from start to finish. Sandy is the contact for all product questions and for placing GotYourBackSac orders.